we know your problems because we were sitting where you are!

It is not a slogan, let us explain well …

Sinergica Eco Servizi was born from the experience of Paolo Meucci who over the years created a TEAM OF MANAGERS selected in this way: they were all PREVIOUSLY managers of big companies.


A selected group of executives used to manage the estate services and facilities (concierge, security, cleaning, access control, reception…) for big companies.


Paolo and our team have personally managed complex businesses, both nationally and internationally, fully developing their skills in various sectors: retail, hotels, pharmaceuticals, multinationals, shopping centers, hospitality.


They have been working in planning, managing and building services for years, managing problems that you are likely facing if you have landed on this site.


Managing continuous services and unforeseen problems in complex companies is really tough.


Usually, before finding the partner in life, you try various ways.


One of these is to manage facilities internally. 

It may seem smart, a way to save money. In reality, there are so many troubles in managing the facilities that you’ll find poor results by spending more.


Managing employees between holidays and sick leave requires a dedicated manager, as well for quality controls. Dedicating resources, with other set duties, to manage this issue has enormous costs and generates inefficiencies.


Unless it’s your business, avoid falling into this mistake.


Let’s go on




On the market you can find 2 kind of companies (specialists and multi services) and two types of management (multinationals or small companies).


Let’s see some examples.


The specialized approach is used by small suppliers: cleaning companies, small concierge companies, the small handyman who improvises himself as a maintenance technician and cleaning company.


In this kind of reality you will truly find a jungle. They will always say yes and accept the job at any rate,  just to get in and get a contract.


They will be very good for the first few months, perhaps during the trial period, then in no particular order it will happen:


  • Replacement of the best staff with poor staff (yes because the good ones are few and they will send them to make a good impression on the next customer)
  • Inefficiencies and drastic lowering of quality (in any case for 12 months the fee is guaranteed)
  • Towards the end of the contract they will try to restore a decent service, if they succeed well otherwise they will go to the next

But it doesn’t stop there …




The reason is that it is not sustainable.

They lower the hourly cost so much (often below the legal values ​​that put even the customer, who does not know it, at risk) that providing a quality service is impossible.

They generate underpaid workers who are not motivated, performing badly and leave soon. They are thus unable to create a trusted and trained staff over the years: the model is completely wrong.

Moreover, if there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that is essential to demand a state of perfect quality and hygiene and relying on these companies can really cost you a lot

On the other hand, we have huge companies: multinationals or similar.

Here we have problems of a completely different kind, we are talking about reactivity, flexibility and attention to every single customer.

Yes, because when you have a problem with these companies, your contact is a call center.

The time management of your problems will be too long, leaving you very often under pressure from your boss who demands a solution that he will never have in the time he wants.

Another problem is flexibility: any change or variation that is not a contractual obligation will not be taken into consideration.

No cleaning in emergency because times are short, no extra personnel for a sudden request.

And here we go back to where we started: a supplier will not help you.

What you need is a partner, a company that understands your problems and is close to you to achieve your goals, giving you the flexibility and quality that the market requires today.

This is Sinergica, a partner that manage your services and which works in “synergy” with you.

Let’s see what a partner is



The Sinergica Protocol is born from the experience of Sinergica’s management (who were sitting where you are).

What is that?

An organizational and service management methodology based on these pillars:

Daily supervision on site

The protocol guarantees an assigned manager who lives the contract on a daily basis and is the contact person who is always available for the customer

Quality control

  • Staff training and selection: our goal is zero staff turnover. Turnovers damages the customers and it damages us too.


  • Verification of contract compliance: a supervisor, other than the customer’s contact person, visits customers with surprise audit periodically.

Synergy with the customer's vision

We schedule planning meetings with the customer even if there is no problem to manage. We reset ourselves to align service goals and modified standards.

Flexible review of services

As customer needs may change, we are always available to find new solutions to achieve new goals


We don’t have unhappy customers, if we realize we can’t work with the quality we want to offer, we don’t even start.

If you want to know how to become our partner

(yes, this is how we call our customers!) ask for a telephone interview by leaving your details here:

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